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Unconditioning: Discovering the Voice Within

Melissa Hite is the founder of Higher Sex Education, where she does one on one coaching, teaches classes, and provides a support group. She’s a Sexual-Spiritual Advisor with a wealth of wisdom, life experience, and academic study.

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In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The breath and it’s importance to being present in the body
  • Melissa’s background, growing up in Utah, non-religious
  • The connection of the breath to the body and it’s role in sexuality
  • Sexuality as a part of our whole person
  • How Melissa came into the role of a sex educator
  • Sexuality as a a part of everything in life
  • Repression of sexuality and Melissa’s work with religious recovery
  • Pleasure in sex education
  • Sexuality and the correlation to our voice
  • Inner voice and truth and finding that in the body
  • Connecting to our inner knowing to access sexuality
  • Sexual Distortion and body awareness
  • Boundaries and self trust
  • Accessing the inner voice at different levels of awareness
  • The disconnection of our awareness of sexual power
  • Being Reactive vs. Responsible
  • Exploring sexuality during isolated COVID times
  • Melissa’s hope for sex education
  • Self-Love and Love as a verb.
  • The still small voice
  • Technology Information overload
  • What it means to be present and tuned in
  • Doing the work and what to expect
  • Moving through trauma and grief
  • Compartmentalizing
  • Melissa’s mantras
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