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The degree to which you are separate from sexuality is the degree to which you are separate from life itself.

My Sexual insight

Menstrual Product Research Paper

Until recently, menstruation wasn’t spoken of in mixed company. Those with menstrual cycles have been taught how to hide and disguise the symptoms of their cycle. Often, that’s all they are taught.

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Sexual Shame

There’s a lot of talk in the ever-growing sexually conscious community about shame. I’m completely on board with bringing awareness here and I want to

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Circumcision is a sexual assault of a child. It being a widely accepted practice doesn’t change this fact. This bold statement likely evokes a feeling

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I believe genuine and deep sexual healing will change our human existence. The biggest block to our progress is what’s called Erotophobia. Erotophobia: the fear

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Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy There is a flow that innervates all things. This flow is real and palpable and cannot be stopped. This is not just an

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