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The purpose of Higher Sex Education is to shine light on a way of being that may be new to you. Humanity is quickly evolving. The old ways are dying. The ways that breed disconnection aren’t sustainable. The ways of external authority telling people what they can and can’t do with their bodies are tolerated less and less. The ways in which we disrespect ourselves, others and the planet are ending. They simply won’t work anymore. We know too much about who we are and we are increasingly embodied in our power.

Replacing these old ways is necessary, and we are challenged to learn things like how to love ourselves, and how to be responsible for our own feelings. We now must learn what is true for us as individuals and how to speak and act upon that truth. We must learn how to love others and allow room for their freedom and growth. Perhaps most importantly, as these old structures crumble we must learn how to source our own safety, nurturing and healing.

All of this is entirely possible.

It is possible to relieve internal pains from judgement and shame, making room for us to walk with more confidence and empowerment.

There are basic and fundamental parts of healthy human development that we have all missed out on. This is not our fault but healing is our responsibility. We can go back and pick up these pieces in order to move forward, more wholly ourselves. Doing so creates more happiness, more confidence, and more understanding within each individual. Healing happens when we connect with our core and expand from there.

I believe we can radically change the world through healing our inherited sexual wounds. I envision ripples of education, information, and awareness, that contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and all life forms. I see a ribbon of sexuality innervating all things. When we try to separate ourselves from sexuality we go against our natural and innate wisdom. We are left disconnected and longing for something that we feel is missing. I see this ribbon in everything, so it’s clear to me how healing ourselves sexually will benefit everything else. This is holistic sexual healing. I visualize a movement where people everywhere are knowing, honoring, and loving themselves, each other, and Life on Earth as a whole.

As much as I want to shout from the rooftops that sex is healthy and healing, I understand the opposite is equally true. Sex is about life and death, literally and fundamentally, yet so much is left in the dark. Sexuality most definitely can be dangerous as well as addictive, compulsive, and self-destructive. This is an incredibly important part of the whole conversation and there hasn’t been enough conversation for most of us. Sexuality has been unspoken, hidden, and suppressed. However, creation energy won’t be stopped, so this suppression has led to over-expression, distortion, and perversion to the point that we’re all dazed, and frankly, traumatized.

Sexuality is not going away. The more we push it underground, into the shadows, the worse our societal sicknesses will become. Sexual healing can change the planet in dramatic and beautiful ways. I’ve seen it. I know it. I live it.

The old ways are dying- we are healing and new life is birthing. Emerging are paths of more love, more acceptance, more compassion and passion. A greater understanding and respect for sexuality is blooming and it’s glorious. Can you see it? It’s sweet and tender and so, so beautiful.

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