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I believe genuine and deep sexual healing will change our human existence. The biggest block to our progress is what’s called Erotophobia.

Erotophobia: the fear of sex or negative attitudes about sex.

We all have this to a degree. This includes the fear of nudity, fear of sexual images, fear of sex education, negativity towards other’s sexual preferences or behaviors, etc. Further, this fear isn’t solely mental, or thought-based but rather something that permeates all of our internal body systems as well as our societal, or external, systems.

As we begin to recognize uncomfortable sensations and tension within our body, we begin to have power to change it. It comes up all the time- with a movie scene, a joke, or in important conversations with partners or children. Our lives are full of moments where fear kicks in and locks us up in some way. It’s helpful to notice the tension that happens around us but more importantly, the tension within us.

This tension affects our muscles, our heart rate and breathing patterns. It affects our laws and the way we speak to our children. It affects our relationships and our health. Because sexuality is a fundamental component of our existence, this tension, this resistance to what is natural, affects our growth and evolution.

So what do we do!? The answer is more simple than you’ve considered. The healing begins with simply noticing your tension and consciously adding breath.

More often than not it’s as simple as that, or at least, that’s where we begin. Notice that you’ve tensed up and consciously relax yourself, however you can. Don’t underestimate the profound change available within that simple practice. We all have erotophobia to some degree. We can do something to unravel its grip by addressing the physical manifestation of it, in real time.  We all have work to do to usher in the natural ways of being so we can live more harmoniously together. Start here, and repeat.

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