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Sexual Energy

There is a flow that innervates all things. This flow is real and palpable and cannot be stopped. This is not just an idea or something ethereal and “out there.” This flow creates all of life. It is a part of everything. The more you’re in touch with it, the more you’re in touch with everything.

Sexuality is in all things.

It is creative energy, that is, the energy of Creation. This energy can be understood as a channel, flow, or frequency. It is also called Life Force Energy. Don’t breeze by those words. The energy, the force, the light, that infuses Life.

This is all so incredibly basic. Our humanness complicates what is so simple that it can be mind blowing, to discover these truths, especially if you’ve never thought of it in such a way. Sexuality is in all things, it is a part of all that is.

Sexual Energy = Life Force Energy = Creative Energy = Force That Creates

Starting to get it?

The energy that lights up our face with inspiration. The energy that creates previously unimaginable art. The energy that sings and dances through us and our experiences. The energy that drives the relentless growth of trees and other plants. It is the force of the river, unapologetically carving its way through the land. It is the force that drives this whole Great Mystery that we are all a part of. Sexuality is everything. It is not simply an impulse that arises in our genitals.

The degree to which we separate from our sexual energy is the degree to which we separate from life itself.

Because of this, having an understanding of sexual energy, as well as developing an ability to flow with it, conveniently translates into being universally useful! Not to mention that it’s profoundly beautiful and quite simply, fun! The level of misunderstanding of sexual energy is unimaginable to me, really. The distortion has created a gigantic monster. It is possible to heal this though. It is possible to clarify and utilize this energy.

Becoming aware of our sexual energies can feel like we are suddenly driving a car and hadn’t realized this before. We now realize we have a responsibility that we didn’t know we had. Go ahead and avoid any self beat-up as to why you haven’t been at the wheel all this time. You were never taught that you were in charge of driving this particular car, let alone how to do it. I recommend that you breathe and slow down while you learn. (We are all learning here.) Continue to avoid any beat-up on how long it takes. You’ve had a history of driving blind and have created a lot of mess back there, so let’s try to minimize that as we move forward. Welcome to driving your own sexual energies. Trust me, you’ll love this!

We feel sexual energy in many experiences although you’ve possibly never understood it as such. It’s likely you’ve only understood sexuality as the sensation that arises in your genitals. That’s okay, and it’s time for us all to expand our understanding. Expansion can only sustainably come from centeredness. So, for this discussion, we are going to start at the moment when you feel sexual sensation within your body.

This is the moment where many have had interruption in their development. This is often the time and place where initial distortion happens. This is when and where we can work with it to stop unconscious cycles of misuse and abuse.

First and foremost, your sexual energy is yours, fully, completely, wholly (Holy). Your sexual energy is your responsibility and no one else’s. So many of our cultural messes arise from people not taking responsibility for their sexual energy. When unconscious, suppressed and distorted, it will leak, spill, spew, and shoot out in any particular direction. Remember, sexual energy cannot be stopped. It is Life Force. The more we try to suppress the more distortion we create. The more we bring this energy into our consciousness and awareness the more we can utilize its power. Our power.

I’m here to tell you that having a sexual feeling is okay. Feeling sexual is okay. It is healthy, it is natural, it is normal. Further, it is essential for the growth and vitality of a human being. Having an attraction, an impulse, the pure essence of a feeling, is okay. Note, we are not talking about action. That comes later. Right now, we are talking about the feeling. It’s okay to have sexual feelings. It’s okay to feel sexual. Repeat that as many times as you need to. Read it, feel it, dance it, as much as you need to until you know it in your cells.

Side note: You may need to grieve for all the past versions of yourself where you didn’t know this. You may need to grieve for the times where you were taught it wasn’t okay. Feel those feelings, move through your grief, and when you’re ready, return to retraining/reprogramming yourself. It’s okay to have sexual feelings, It’s okay to feel sexual. Again, no action (yet 😉 ). Just feelings. Just you, experiencing your own body. This is allowed. You have permission.

This is where we begin. This is where we must continually return.

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