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How does the way you understand and express boundaries affect your relationships? What does it look like when your needs are in alignment? And, can creating better boundaries with yourself lead to more pleasure in your external relationships and life?

According to Melissa Hite, to live an authentic life, it’s important to communicate boundaries with yourself and with others. Melissa says you should not negate what your body and mind are telling you in order to remain in a relationship. Instead, choose yourself, or you will feel the effects of not honoring your needs. When your boundaries are heard and respected without justification, you’ll have the safety and clarity needed to strengthen your relationships.

In this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me, Dr. Marie Murphy is joined by Melissa Hite, Founder and Sexual-Spiritual Advisor at Higher Sex Education, to discuss her advice for setting and understanding boundaries with yourself and others. Melissa talks about recognizing your body signals when making decisions, learning how to honor your needs, and thoughtfully expressing your boundaries without creating an ultimatum.


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